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Communication Strategies is a full-service branding, marketing and public relations agency with a highly-successful 15-year track record working with companies of all sizes in the education, finance, government, healthcare, legal, real estate, reseller, telecommunications and utilities markets. 

We believe that clear, concise and compelling communication is at the core of every successful branding, marketing or PR strategy. 

Clear, so it’s understood. Concise, so it’s read. Compelling, so it’s remembered.

However, while clear communication is key to any strategy, it must be coupled with strong execution to ensure success. 

We leverage campaign-proven experience, opportunism and a tireless, results-focused work ethic to flawlessly execute fully-integrated branding, marketing and PR strategies. 

We never forget that while a successful strategy is built on inspiration it is driven by perspiration.

Companies worked with include, Apple, Bell, BlueCat Networks, Charon Systems, CRYPTOCard, ebizQ, Electramedia, Hewlett-Packard, iCore Consulting, Lenovo, Microsoft, Mount Sinai Hospital, Seagate, Solgenia, Symantec, UniPrint, Verizon, WinMagic and WorldExtend

We Listen
Listening ensures we understand both your company and your unique vision for the future. We can then comfortably partner to develop the ideal branding/marketing/PR strategies to make your vision a reality.
We Communicate
Communication must be clear, concise and compelling to drive success. Our branding/marketing/PR massaging ensures all stakeholders instantly understand who you are, what you do and why it matters.
We Execute
We work both hard and smart - combining relentless drive with campaign-honed experience to ensure flawless execution. We never stop pushing to ensure the right message always reaches the right people.